November 29, 2021


Hello, everyone. As you all know, we SeaFancy specialize in designing high-quality swimsuits with a variety of vintage details for modern women. So allow us to introduce you to functional criss-cross details on swimsuits today.

Criss-cross details on swimsuits are a unique design, adding fun vibes as well as providing a perfect fit with every wear. Following are different types of criss-cross details.

Type 1: Wide fixed straps crisscross back connects a chic scoop neckline for extra support and comfort.

Type 2: Spaghetti straps crisscross back with lace-up details for a perfect fit and feminine ad sexy touch.

Type 3: Multi spaghetti straps crisscross back connects a plunging v neckline for a bold swim look.

Type 4: Adjustable straps crisscross back lets you find your perfect fit with every wear.

Type 5: A wrap tie crisscross below the bust helps shape the bust.

Type 6: Crisscross neckline at front for a unique beach look.

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